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Finley's Roofing is your choice when facing roof, siding or gutter damagefrom hailstorms in Georgia and Tennessee

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Finley’s Roofing is currently assisting homeowners and businesses in Stockbridge, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Marietta, North Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee who have suffered from the devastating storms over the last few months. If you have an insurance settlement and would like a free quote, you are in need of our assistance with your claim (remember to call us BEFORE you file), or you are still waiting on a contractor to start work on a roof replacement that was promised months ago, give us a call today. 
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Be VERY careful when choosing a roofing contractor in a storm area.

(The following is an excerpt from a national consumer's group web blog)

Avoiding Scam or Fly-By-Night Roofing Contractors

As soon as the storm stops, the fly-by-night and unscrupulous roofers start appearing like weeds. There are more than enough good solid companies available that can help you and knowing the difference between the pros and the connivers is not all that difficult. It does however require knowing what the likely scams are, understanding the warning signs, and asking the right questions.

War Stories
According to James Kirby, associate executive director of technical communications for the National Roofing Contractors Association, there are a few golden oldies to look out for.

"There's always the storm chasers," said Kirby. "You know, a hail storm runs through Kansas or some other area and there are [roofers] that literally chase these storms. Some of them are good, reputable, and they can do good work. Unfortunately we hear quite a few stories from people about a roofer that came in town, didn't do a very good job, and now a little while later they are having trouble and they tell us they don't know how to find the person or the business.

"The other thing we hear a lot about is the homeowner that takes the lowest bid, even when it's quite a bit lower than the other bids, but then the price goes up as problems are found or they need more materials or what have you. Contracting and construction should not just be about the bottom line. You need to look at the entirety of the offer and service. We get quite a few people that call saying they got a bad job and when we ask how many bids they received and which one they picked, invariably they say they took the low bid. Well, you get what you pay for--you pick the cheapest bid, you will likely get the cheapest materials, lower quality work, and so on."

"There are also companies that misrepresent the roofing products manufacturer they are affiliated with or even what their company's name is. Some are also dishonest about the longevity of their business. You know, for example, a guy works for a family member as a teenager for a few years and then goes to college and starts a whole other career then decides to get into roofing again. He only has the high school roofing experience, but he's now 30-years-old and claims 15 years of experience. Another way this is done is there are four guys on a crew and each has four years so they claim 16 years of experience.

With the economy having taken a hit in recent months, there likely are more weekend warriors trying to get into the business. In tough economic times, when it is hard to find a job, people who feel they have any experience in the past think they can go ahead and handle roofing. A lot of these guys will ask the customer to purchase the materials and say, "Just pay me for the labor." Then they don't do a very good job and leave a lot of cleanup behind".

"Also, liability is an important issue to consider. Roofing, since it involves heights, is an inherently dangerous business. A roofing contractor who is not properly insured--including workman's comp--could leave you liable for any accidents that occur on your property. This issue is critically important when considering the number of new roofers in the business--are they insured and will their coverage protect you from liability"?

From the Good Contractor's Point-of-View
It is also important to understand that the relationship between you and a roofing contractor is a two-way street. The biggest concern a legitimate contractor has is not performing the work to the homeowner's expectations leading to time consuming fixes and even lack of payment.

Most contractors welcome an informed homeowner because it's something of a red flag if a customer wants the best possible job, but appears uneducated or doesn't want to discuss the work to be done. It is important for you to understand what the roofer is going to do--what is the fairly standard work to be done, the products and colors or materials to be used, as well as if there is any intricate or specialty work required around dormers or chimneys, for example. A contractor wants a reasonable and rational homeowner that has done their research so they know what they want and can discuss it with the contractor and then these elements can be placed in a proposal and the contract. It may take a little effort from the homeowner's part, but you are doing a much better job at joining expectations.

Key issues to address when dealing with a Roofing Contractor
Check for insurance -- You want to get a copy of the contractor’s liability policy. Make sure it is current and that it covers the company and its workers.
Check certifications – Ask for copies of the manufacturer's certifications to insure the company is certified to install the product; otherwise you could void the manufactures warranty.

Check licensing
– Ask for copies of the company’s business license. They must be licensed in your state. If they are from out of state, also ask for a copy of their license from their home office to insure they really have a home office.

Verify who they say they are - Check the facts they present against the company’s web site and other on-line information. Check the Better Business Bureau. Many businesses are not members and that is fine, but the BBB will have a record of them if they are legitimate. Look for a history of on-going complaints or any unresolved complaints. A business that has been around a while may very well have one or two complaints (businesses have no control over who complains) but a track record of ongoing complaints, any unresolved complaints, or no record of the company is a warning sign. Only deal with A rated companies.

Know and understand the work they are going to do -- Understand what work, practices and materials are being used and the difference between each contractor’s materials and practices. This is where some contractor’s will cut corners. Also know what may require some special skills or materials. You also want to make sure they are not going to take any shortcuts such as trying to lay your new roof over the old one, or cover up damaged roof decking. If they will not do minor roof decking repairs as part of the contract (two sheets of decking is standard), find someone else. There is a chance you will have up-charges.

Do your own inspection -- Use binoculars to check for cracked, curled, or missing shingles because these are signs the roof is nearing the end of its useful life as well as indications of where potential problems may be hiding. Check the chimney and skylights for cracks as this may mean water has penetrated the roof and may require more work. Also go up into the attic and look around the chimney and the boards you can see for any signs of water seeping through. If there is evidence of water, you may need to replace more roof boards than previously thought.

Get as much information up-front as you can-- Look at ratings and prices of different roofing products and know what the contractor is going to use so you can lock in a price upfront. Know the work they will do as part of the agreement. Also, find out who will actually do the work--the company making the bid or 3rd party contractor.

Contract, contract, contract -- Get as detailed a written contract as possible. Make sure all potential unanticipated costs are addressed up front by creating plausible what-if scenarios--what could they be and what could they add to the project. It is also important to include a process for how to handle the need for additional work or materials that will add to the cost as well as how payment is to be structured. A standard is one-third at delivery of materials AND start, one-third at the midpoint, and one-third after completion. MAKE SURE YOU NEVER GIVE ANYONE MONEY BEFORE THEY START - EVER!! In storm areas, some contractors may have hundreds of jobs ahead of you and you do not want to be waiting for months while they use your money. If they are good, they will not even ask for money AT LEAST until they deliver materials and start.  Also, a contract must have an exact price and an estimated date that the work will be completed. If they cannot give you this, something is wrong!!

Get a lien release -- This will protect you from a contractor who owes a supplier for supplies after you have already paid the contractor. Essentially, if the contractor has your money but hasn't paid for the supplies, you will be liable for what is unpaid. IF THEY REFUSE TO PROVIDE ONE, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO PAY THEIR SUPPLIER. DO NOT WORK WITH THEM.

In the end, these strategies will help you avoid many, if not all, of the possible scams or problems that could occur when installing a new roof. The bottom line is this: Put your roof into a real professional's hands to do everything from the tear off and shingling, to the clean-up. Better off not to be penny wise and pound foolish."

We hope you found this helpful. Frankly, we could not have written it better ourselves. With 75 years in the industry, we have seen it all.

Avoid all these problems from the start and contact your trusted team at Finley's Roofing. We do it right THE FIRST TIME and will be there for you year after year.

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If you HAVE NOT had an experienced expert check your roof, you may be running out of time to file a claim. If you have had it checked by a well-meaning friend, inexperienced roofer, or an adjuster that checked the roof without someone present who was representing your interests, you may want a second opinion. Most damage cannot be seen from the ground!! Over the last several weeks, the team at Finley’s Roofing inspected four roofs that were previously inspected and said to be OK, but WE found hail damage. In all four instances we were able to file a claim for the homeowner, meet with the insurance adjuster, and the insurance company awarded the homeowner a NEW ROOF.

Is everyone around you getting a new roof?? 

You MUST have a professional on your side.

if you have hail damage and entered into an agreement with a roofer, but have been waiting longer than 45 days for your roof to be installed, you may be in for a surprise. Many “Storm Chaser” roofing companies contract with hundreds of homeowners and have difficulty finding good crews. Some work the most profitable jobs and put many other homeowners off indefinitely. Prices of materials and labor go up and some may not be able to finish the jobs they have committed to. OLD CONTRACTS WITH NO DATE OF COMPLETION MAY NOT BE VALID!!

Are you in any of the above situations? 

Finley’s Roofing is here to serve you:

·       We will help you honestly evaluate the condition of your roof, no cost or obligation. For 75 years, our teams have met with thousands of insurance adjusters and successfully worked with scores of insurance carriers.  Our experience will prove invaluable to any homeowner who wishes to work with a roofing company, who is not only reputable, but truly has the homeowner's best interest at heart. Our prices HAVE NOT and WILL NOT go up just because there is a demand for roofers.·       We will help you evaluate your current contract or situation and provide you with honest, unbiased advice. This will give you the tools to make an informed decision on how to proceed. We can also help you file a re-inspection request if you were not awarded a new roof and should have been, or help you file an amendment to your claim if you are due more money because of the increase in roofing costs. ·       We will make sure you are getting the quality workmanship and materials you deserve. We are a certified GAF installer and use only the best materials, installed by crews that have been with us for over 12 years. No fill in crews, PERIOD!·       We will make sure you get your roof installed NOW! We only commit to the number of jobs our crews can finish in 20-30 days. This insures that every customer who puts their trust in us is getting the quality and personal attention they deserve. 

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Finley's roofing has full time staff, and licensed, bonded and insured crews in Atlanta, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.We are your trusted licensed, insured and bonded residential roofing contractor and hail damage roofing specialist in Atlanta GA, Fayetteville GA, Peachtree City GA, Newnan GA, Marietta GA, Alpharetta GA, Dunwoody GA, Buckhead GA, Vinings GA, Johns Creek GA, Tyrone GA, Fayette County GA, Coweta County GA,  and most of Eastern TN and North GA. 

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